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Tips of Fitness in Spring

Spring is a good time for people to do outdoor fitness activities. Scientific and moderate outdoor activities can lay a good foundation for one-year physical exercise and physical health. If you do not want to go to the gym, jogging, cycling, walking, climbing, jumping rope and other outdoor sports are all suitable for spring fitness.

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The morning exercise for the elderly should not be too early. Exercise bike and air walker could be used in Spring. People who are already accustomed to getting up early can do some activities that are not consuming physical activity in the indoor area. The exercise range should not be too large. It can be performed after the sun comes out. Remember to do a good job of warming after the morning exercise. Most older people have looser muscles, stiffer joint ligaments, and compromised body coordination. At this time, exercise should be based on recovery, and do some activities to relax the body and joints.

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