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Do You Know the Functions of Foot Massager?

1, Foot massager can increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, thereby improving sleep, the brain can get full oxygen, make you full of energy, clear-headed.

2, Foot massager can prevent and improve high blood pressure, rheumatism, back pain.

3, Foot massager can gradually improve the foot problems.

4, For knee inflammation, rheumatism and joint pain are effective.

5, Ease edema, leg varicose veins and leg paralysis.

6, To promote leg blood operation, prevention and treatment of gout.

7, Regular use foot massager, better able to improve insomnia, strengthen digestive system function.

8, Foot massager effectively improve the body's physiological magnetic field, eliminate fatigue, to achieve health benefits.

9, Effectively promote blood circulation and meridian qi and blood run, prevention and treatment of high blood sugar, high cholesterol and cold feet, edema, Wei Han, insomnia and other diseases.

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