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Indoor Fitness Equipment Suitable For The Elderly

Here QMJ would introduce the common names of several types of indoor fitness equipment for the elderly.

Small Treadmill:

Running is currently a popular aerobic exercise that is popular in the medical and sports worlds. It is the most effective and scientific way to maintain one's physical and mental health. It is also becoming more and more popular with everyone. Loved by men, women and children, it is one of the indoor fitness equipment for the elderly.

Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike:

The exercise bike has advantages that cannot be compared with a bicycle. It can freely exert its own riding speed. You can observe the speed, time, and heart rate values of every moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike. Using it to exercise can not only effectively Improving cardiopulmonary function also helps to strengthen the leg muscles, lose weight, and improve overall physical fitness. The exercise bike suitable for the elderly indoor fitness equipment is particularly suitable for inconvenient mobility, weak constitution, and rehabilitation of patients.